VIVACIOUS TECHNO MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS offers you high quality data entry services which is time-bound and cost-effective. Our use of latest technology helps us to enter accurate data from scanned images / physical documents and provide you with the best data entry services .
We have a special team dedicated for catalog data entry services, who are equipped to work on large volumes of data. Accuracy is a key factor for data entry which is well organized by our data entry operators and quality analysts. We manage the paper and labor involved to move significant volume of paper documents / images through a well defined project plan. Our clients spread across the globe have been our greatest support enabling us to be the best data entry solutions provider in the outsourcing industry.We are the pioneers in designing and delivering ITeS including Website, Web-Based Software Solutions, Data Digitization & Processing for a wide array of sectors.
Our high-quality/high volume production document scanners accurately capture and convert to digital image format a large range of source material including:

How it works ?
  • Text-based documents: whether printed matter or handwritten including, memos, air waybills, surveys, reports, instruction manuals, business cards, index cards, product warranties.
  • Numeric-based documents: financial statements, payroll records, time sheets
  • Forms based documents: surveys, questionnaires, application forms of any kind (credit-cards, loans, product registration, etc.
  • Image based documents: photographs, property details, charts, graphs
  • Mixed-format documents: bank statements, credit card statements, etc.